Visitors to the Moody Music Building before 5:30 p.m. (Monday – Friday) will need to purchase a Patron Parking Permit. This permit costs $40 for the year (August 15 – August 15), and may be prorated if purchased during summer session. Patron Parking is designated for Coleman Expansion Lot (the lot between the Law School and the Baseball Stadium – just across Bryant Drive). UA Faculty or Staff who have a parking permit may park in the Faculty/Staff lot behind Moody Music Bldg. Always park in a legal space and in the designated parking area. Blocking or leaving your car unattended in the circle drive of Moody, parking against a yellow curb, on the grass, etc., may result in a ticket. To purchase a Patron Parking permit visit the Transportation Hub at 451 Campus Drive East or via mailing in this form: UA-Patron-Registration-Form-PDF