Alice in Wonderland JR. 2016

Alice in Wonderland JR. 2016

Alice in Wonderland

Summer 2016:  Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR.

Dates: July 18-29, 9am-12pm, M-F
Cost: $175
Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR.  features many speaking parts, solos, and larger group scenes. Boys or girls can play many of the roles (Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, March Hare, The White Rabbit, The Caterpillar, Royal Cardmen, Queen and King of Hearts, etc.). There are three Alice parts: Alice, Tall Alice, and Small Alice. Camp culminates with a performance on stage featuring songs, dialogue, costumes, staging, & accompaniment. Practice CD & T-shirt included. Projected date of show book availability is May 15. Enroll early to get your show book and prepare for the audition!

The Summer Children’s Musical Camp is for students ages 6 to 12 years old. This two-week camp is a wonderful beginning level musical theater experience. The children receive a practice CD and a show book (contains lines/musical numbers) in advance of camp in order to begin familiarizing themselves with the storyline and songs before the first day of camp. The first day of camp (Monday morning), children will meet teachers, vocally warm up and learn as a group the chorus number they will audition on. They will audition for “named parts,” either in small groups or alone according to their comfort level. Parts are assigned by the end of the first day of camp, but there is some flexibility over the first two days of camp for students to receive additional lines as they “warm up” to the camp experience. Each morning is packed with action in order to learn the show over a two week period. Students are asked to bring a small snack daily for a brief break mid-morning.

Laura Woolf (15+ years) and Kate Gates (5+ years) are the main teachers of this camp. Supporting the main teachers are School of Music students who act as general music assistants, part/lines coaches, and counselors.

The CMS summer children’s musicals are selected from Musical Theatre International (MTI). MTI shows with “KIDS” in the title have been carefully edited to run approximately 30-minutes in length for the performance. Shows with “JR” may run 45-60 minutes in length.

The focus on this camp is to provide a quality musical theater experience for children. Over the course of the camp, children develop an understanding of the kind of work/practice it takes to “put on a show” including learning the lines and songs, knowing where to stand in each scene, understanding how to project your voice. They also assist with the creation of the set and sometimes, the costumes.

The final day of camp the students perform the show for parents and friends. There is no charge for attending the performance, which is held at 11:00 a.m. on the last day of camp. Show concessions include fresh popcorn/water for a small donation.

Letter to Parents of Campers – pre-camp info (also emailed 7/12):   Parent Letter


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