Join us for our next concert on MONDAY, April 30, 2018 (7:00 p.m., Free, Moody Music Concert Hall)

TYO Members: See your rehearsal schedule for Spring, 2018 below under “Enrollment”.

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TYO rehearsing on stage in the Moody Music Building under the direction of Dr. Amir Zaheri, November 26, 2017:

Audition excerpts for 2017-2018 are available. Please scroll down for printable PDFs. Auditions are by appointment for ‘open chairs’ Spring 2018.

Excerpts for NEXT season (2018-19) will be posted on this page by mid-June.

The Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra (TYO) is a full orchestra made up of students with advanced abilities under a School of Music faculty conductor assisted by a School of Music graduate student in conducting. TYO members are primarily area high school students, with some advanced middle school students, UA students (degree and non-degree), and a few adult community members.

2018-2019: Audition day is Monday,  August 20 beginning at 5:30 pm. (Rm 204, Moody Music Bldg).  Students are heard in the order that they sign-in. Students who are unable to make this audition date must notify us BEFORE the audition date.


Enrollment in the TYO occurs in one of two ways: 1) via non-credit enrollment (payment to the CMS office) or 2) via for-credit enrollment (MUA169, Sections 325), with payment to UA Student Receivables). Enrolling via UA Early College credit is available for high school students (string only).

Below are the enrollment dates and fees for non-credit enrollment. Please contact Dr. Jane Weigel about for-credit enrollment pricing.

Strings: $125/semester (14 rehearsals/concert)
SPRING, 2018: January 29 – April 30 (no rehearsal over spring break); the dress rehearsal and concert will be on Monday, April 30 (dress rehearsal 5:30 – 6:20 pm; concert at 7:00 pm) CMS will provide pizza between the dress rehearsal and concert.

Wind/Brass/Percussion: $75/semester (9 rehearsals/concert)
SPRING, 2018: March 5 – April 30; The dress rehearsal and concert will be on Monday, April 30 (dress rehearsal 5:30 – 6:20 pm; concert at 7:00 pm – pizza provided between)

Concerto Competition:  An audition will be held the first Monday in February to select one member of the TYO and one pianist from CMS to play a solo work/movement with the orchestra on the spring concert. Orchestral parts must be available on IMSLP or in the UA library AND must be pre-approved by the ensemble conductor.  Interested students should contact Dr. Jane Weigel at


Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra concerts occur in the Concert Hall of Moody Music Building (810  2nd Ave., UA Campus). Admittance is free and children are welcome! These concerts are live-streamed to allow friends and family outside West Alabama access to the performance. Just go to:


Winds, brass, and percussion attend  7 rehearsals/concert each semester. With so few rehearsals, attendance is critical. Please see the rehearsal and concert schedule listed on the syllabus before auditioning. Students returning from Fall semester do not need to re-audition. Audition times are available for open chairs for Spring, 2018.


  1.  Prepare 2 scales and 2 arpeggios (at least two octaves if possible) from the following keys: A Major, Bb Major, C Major, D Major, Eb Major, E Major, F Major. (Bass players must play E Major and G Major 2 octaves)
  2.  2 minutes of a solo piece of your choice
  3.  TYO excerpt(s) for your instrument (printable pdf below)
  4.  Sightreading

Syllabus for 2017-2018:  Youth Orchestra SYLLABUS

The following sections / chairs will be filled at the audition: