Policies & Parking

New to the Program?     Email jweigel@ua.edu for the teacher list and fee quotes for the session.

Policies & Information

Participation in CMS activities is open to students of all ages and levels of ability via enrollment. Classes, lessons, and ensemble participation is for your personal enrichment and musical development. The Community Music is a part of The University of Alabama College of Arts & Sciences and housed in the School of Music located at 810 Second Ave., Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487. There are no grades assigned for participating in this outreach program. All CMS teachers have completed UA compliance training, passed background checks, and have previous teaching experience. All CMS lesson teachers either have a music degree (0r are pursuing a degree) in the area of their teaching concentration. Tuition covers instructional time as noted on the enrollment form you complete prior to engagement with your selected teacher. With teacher approval, new students may enter the program at any time of the year: Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. Returning students are expected to enroll for the full session with their teacher.

Tuition is based on a semester of study. Enrollment options include private lessons, ensembles, and group classes. If enrolling for private lessons, tuition is based on the teacher you select, the number of lessons, and the length of your weekly lesson (30-min; 45-min; 60-min). When you enroll at The University of Alabama – Community Music School (CMS), you are committing to your full enrollment. An early-bird discount is offered for fall and spring semesters. This is noted on the enrollment site. Once you are registered, you are obligated for the full semester fee, whether or not you attend the lessons or classes. Activities occur at the Moody Music Building, UA campus. It is the responsibility of the student to have connectivity and equipment to take lessons in the rare event (ex. health reasons, UA mandate) that an activity occurs via distance method. The program has an application process for financial assistance. See the ABOUT tab above or email jweigel@ua.edu

Lesson Schedule & Cancellation Policy: The day and time of your weekly private lesson is negotiated between you and your selected teacher in advance of your enrollment. It is important to consider all of the lesson dates in the session in order to avoid conflicts with other obligations (ex. school field trips, dental appointments, etc.). Once you and your selected teacher confirm a schedule and the lessons begin, no alteration of the schedule can occur. Shifting to another teacher within the session is not permissible. All lessons must be completed prior to the start of the next semester, ie no lessons can be shifted to another session. Consider travel and parking time when agreeing to your weekly lesson time. Students who are late for a scheduled lesson or forget their lesson books cannot be guaranteed their full lesson length. Students who cancel or do not attend their regularly scheduled lesson do not receive a make-up. If the teacher has to cancel for any reason they will provide a make-up lesson (within the dates of the current semester).

Verbal instruction is the priority, but occasionally instruction may include brief and limited physical adjustment to the hands, arms, and/or upper body for proper student playing/singing posture. The teacher will ask for permission, and declining physical adjustment is the right of the student.

Instructional Spaces: In-person lessons are taught in School of Music practice rooms or faculty studios which have unobstructed windows. All doors remain unlocked during lessons. Ensembles and group classes are taught in rehearsal spaces and classrooms.

Recital Participation: Participation in formal recital (on campus) or community outreach performance (off campus) is not guaranteed with your enrollment. Participation is by invitation of your teacher. Your teacher may arrange a session-culminating recital performance or ask you to participate in an outreach community performance, and if this is the case, there is no additional cost to the student. Participating students must be enrolled in the CMS program at the time of the performance.

Instruments & Materials: Instruments must be in good repair ie in good playing condition for lessons. Instrument rental and purchases of printed music are the responsibility of the student. These costs are not covered by tuition fees. All questions regarding materials should be directed to the private lesson, class, or ensemble teacher. The CMS owns a small number of string instruments which may be checked out for a use-fee ($25/semester). These are available on a first-come-first-served basis and use of any CMS-owned instrument is arranged by contacting Dr. Weigel at jweigel@ua.edu  A borrowed instrument must be returned at the end of the semester if the student will not be re-enrolling in the next session.

Minor Participants: A parent or legal guardian of an enrolled minor will need to remain in the instructional space during the lesson, ie the parent/guardian retains care, custody, and control of their minor participant.  Exception: A minor may participate without their parent or legal guardian present if they are a University of Alabama enrolled student (Early College or undergraduate freshman) OR if taking Campus Orchestra and they enroll via the UA Youth Protection Office option. If you are unsure if your minor qualifies as an exception, email jweigel@ua.edu

Unscheduled Closures / Inclement Weather: Only if The University of Alabama closes due to inclement weather, will Community Music also be closed. If you are unsure about a possible weather related closure, please check area TV announcements or the University’s website, ready.ua.edu . If you do not see a closure notice on the UA main page, then CMS activities continue as scheduled.

Scheduled Holidays & Breaks: CMS operates on the UA calendar, which may not align with Tuscaloosa City Schools and Tuscaloosa County Schools. CMS activities will meet if UA buildings/offices are scheduled to be open (even UA classes are suspended – ex. Honors Day or Study Breaks). Please refer to the CMS calendar.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP): The University of Alabama has a comprehensive emergency operations plan in place to deal with incidents that may occur on campus. The plan incorporates the U.S. Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) protocols and delegates the University Police as the initial responder. University Police: 205-348-5454

Academic Continuity:

UA/CMS is committed to maintaining a delivery of instruction that allows students to continue their education with minimal disruption.   Lessons are taught in-person at Moody Music Building unless due to rare circumstances, distance engagement is mandated (ex. covid).  In the rare situation of a mandated distance lesson (covid, or UA mandate) a scheduled lesson may occur by ZOOM, via computer, laptop, or phone.  Zoom is a videoconferencing app and does not require you (the CMS student) to have an account (it is FREE for you!). A link with directions on how to connect will be sent to you by your CMS teacher. As with all University of Alabama faculty/instructors, your CMS teacher remains committed to providing a meaningful engagement that is pedagogically sound within both in-person and distance formats. While the method of delivery may change, educational instruction and opportunities will continue. As such, UA/CMS will not provide any refund of tuition, in whole or in-part, based on a change in the mode of instruction or schedule of delivery of any services, classes or other instruction or experiences. CMS enrolled students must follow all UA health guidelines and mandates.


The Capstone Parking Deck (entrance off of 2nd Avenue) is your most reliable and convenient parking site for attending activities at Moody Music Bldg. Purchasing the Patron Parking Permit ($40/year, hangtag for your car) opens the deck gate when you approach. You can also ‘pay as you go’ with this deck using a credit card ($1/first hour, accepts only VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. M-F. The cost reduces to .50 per hour 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. M – F and Weekends.

There is limited street parking (free) on 9th Street, within walking distance to Moody Music Bldg. Faculty/staff who have a permit/hangtag can use the lot behind Moody Music Bldg. and the Capstone Parking Deck. Blocking or leaving your car unattended in the circle drive of Moody, parking against a yellow curb, on the grass, etc., may result in a ticket. Always park in a legal space and in the designated parking area.

To purchase a Patron Parking permit (music) visit the Transportation Hub at 451 Campus Drive East For more information: http://bamaparking.ua.edu/