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Welcome Back to in-person Kindermusik starting the week of August 23, 2021.  Please see the General Information section below and enroll early for best availability. We are offering a Kindermusik-approved shortened session for Our Time and ABC, Music and Me this fall. Village remains the same. See below.

Join us for a FREE music class! Designed for a one-parent per child experience. Morning and late afternoon classes are offered most semesters.  Email to reserve a “visit day” space. Visits are on hold for Fall, 2021 due to Covid-19. For enrollment, when advertised classes fill to capacity, additional classes will be added.

TEACHERS: TBA for Fall, 2021. All teachers are licensed by Kindermusik and have extensive teaching experience.

UA Mask Mandate: As of August 6, UA requires everyone to wear face coverings while in doors on campus. This mandate will be reviewed in early September. If you have already enrolled and this changes your decision to attend ASW please email Jane Weigel as soon as possible. We expect that babies/toddlers in Village/Our Time class will be exempt but are confirming with UA leadership.

Kindermusik Village (Birth-17 months)

children playing in the village class
Village Class 2018

Timeframe: 8 weeks
Fee: $120, includes supply pack

Fall 2021: Curriculum is Cock-a-Doodle, Moo. The first class meets August 25 and runs for eight weeks.

Day/Time Offered: Wednesday 4:30 p.m. (if/when this class fills to the Fall 2021 capacity of 6, we may split the class).

Kindermusik Village fosters creativity, social development, and self-esteem through exposure to music for infants from birth to 17 months. These are 45-minute classes for infants and caregivers or parents, offered in 8-week non-sequential semesters. Many of the class activities and materials can easily be adapted for the family to use at home. 

Summer session is 5 weeks. The cost for the summer session is $75 (includes supply pack). Classes meet all of June. The curriculum alternates each summer: Busy Days (Summer 2021) or Peek-a-Boo (Summer 2020).

Kindermusik Our Time (18 months-3 years)

Timeframe: 15 weeks
Fee: $230, includes supply pack

a small child playing drums
Instrument exploration in Our Time, 2018

FALL 2021 Session: Curriculum is Wiggles & Giggles. First class is August 24 and runs for 8 weeks. Fee for session (includes supply pack) is $140

Day/Times Offered: Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. OR Tuesdays 5:15 p.m.

Kindermusik Our Time brings the joy of music and movement to the lives of children 18 months to 3 years and is offered in four 15-week non-sequential semesters. Eight children is the ideal class size, each with an accompanying parent or caregiver, meet weekly with the teacher for a 45-minute class. These lessons also help parents and caregivers become familiar with ways to encourage and facilitate musical development and appreciation. Activities are age and developmentally appropriate, engaging, and fun!

Summer session is 5 weeks. Summer Session cost is $75 (includes supply pack). Classes meet all of June. The curriculum alternates each summer: Zoo Train (2021) or Beach Days! (2020).

Kindermusik ABC Music And Me (3.5 – 5.5 years)

Timeframe: 15 weeks
Fee: $240, includes supply pack

FALL 2021 Session: ABC, Music & Me. The focus is on keyboard, percussion, and woodwind families.  First-class is August 23 and runs 8 weeks.

Day/Times Offered: Monday, 4:30 – 5:15 p.m. Fee for session (includes 3 supply packs) is $145

This research-based early childhood music program is designed to support the development of the whole child. Activities include singing and playing percussion instruments, dance and creative movement activities, focused listening, and introduction to musical notation. Concepts at the foundation of all Kindermusik classes such as steady beat playing, tempo, inhibitory control, and social cooperation are central to these classes. ABC classes are designed for the students to work independently with the teacher for the majority of the 45-minute class. Parents are invited into the classroom for teacher-guided activities with their child, instrument demonstrations, and review of lesson concepts.

ABC Class Instrument Demo

In the first two semesters, learning about the musical families (Fall = woodwind, percussion, keyboards. Spring = brass, strings, voice) is the focus through the use of the ABC Music & Me curriculums and additional “musical field trips” within Moody Music Bldg. The children visit faculty or graduate students who introduce their instrument and demonstrate (play) for them. Parents are always encouraged to come along on these mini field trips. Near the end of the first semester, students are introduced to playing the flutophone, a wind instrument. First notes (B, A, G) and rhythms are learned during the late fall and spring semesters.

During the third and fourth semesters, woven into the already outstanding ABC Music & Me curriculum, is an introduction to types of large and small music ensembles and a variety of styles of music. Some of these may include the concert or marching band, orchestra, string quartet, Jazz ensemble, folk ensemble, choir, opera, etc). Students will take a “musical field trip” within the School of Music to visit and hear faculty and student groups perform. The third- and fourth-semester focus is also on note reading and writing skills, and introduction to playing the glockenspiel (a keyboard-oriented percussion instrument) and the recorder.

Summer session is five weeks and is a slightly different format. Concepts at the foundation of Kindermusik (as stated above) are still the focus, along with added singing games, pretend play, storytelling, and some crafts. The five On the Road (Summer 2020) class days are centered around

  1. A Road Trip,
  2. A Day at a Cottage,
  3. Fun at a Fair,
  4. Day at the Beach
  5. Let’s go Camping.

Other Adventures curricula include Tell Me A Tale and Shoofly Pie! The cost is $75 (includes supply pack). Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.

General Information

  • All Kindermusik classes take place in room 141 of the Moody Music Building on the UA campus (off the main lobby). Bldg. physical address:  810  2nd Ave, 35487
  • Class day/time options are listed on the CMS online enrollment form or email Dr. Weigel for updates. Classes are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once listed classes are enrolled to capacity (8), additional class sections may be opened for enrollment. There is no proration of session fees for Kindermusik.
  • Kindermusik classes are non-sequential.They are designed for a one parent or caregiver per enrolled child experience. Attendance by more than one adult per child is subject to teacher approval. Due to room size and the need to keep an appropriate teacher-child ratio, attending a different class other than the in which you are enrolled is subject to teacher approval. We ask that children finish snacks before entering the classroom. Only water may be brought into the classroom.
  • Instruments and scarves are sanitized after each class. Do not attend class if you or your child has a fever or are showing signs of illness such as excessive cough. Adults who are not fully vaccinated for Covid-19 must wear a mask while in Moody Music Bldg.
  • The tuition fee includes a supply pack for each child to keep. Once the session has begun, there is a no-make up policy and no-refund for non-attendance.
  • The fall semester classes begin the last full week of August unless otherwise noted. If interest exceeds the listed classes, an additional class may start the week after Labor Day. Spring session classes – start week TBA (see Calendar tab). Our 5-week Summer session is offered in June.
  • The Kindermusik teachers are Cynthia Simpson-Chambless, and Jane Weigel.
  • A free one-time visit to experience a Kindermusik class may be scheduled as spots become available. Please call the CMS office at (205)-348-6741 to schedule a visit for you and your child to one of our classes.