Suzuki Violin & Piano Program

Suzuki Violin

Jennifer Louie
Jennifer Louie, Suzuki Violin Teacher

The Suzuki Violin program is based on the Suzuki Method. Suzuki teachers have specialized training. Enrolled students attend a weekly, private lesson and a number of additional group classes. Students typically begin the program at 4-8 years old and can continue until high school graduation. Children younger than 5 years of age are encouraged to attend at least one semester of Bridge Class or Kindermusik ABC Class before enrolling in Suzuki, to ensure musical readiness. We welcome families of children with special needs.

Suzuki lessons/classes are designed to have parent participation with the teacher (i.e., attending lessons/classes with their child, serving as the home teacher, and helping the child practice during the week). Group classes are multi-age classes. With teacher approval, siblings of enrolled students may attend lessons/classes. Parent Education/Training is the first step in your child’s successful Suzuki lessons and each Suzuki teacher will communicate with you about the process.

Prior to enrolling, parents should observe a Suzuki violin lesson (free of charge) as spots become available. Please call the CMS office for Suzuki Teacher contact information so you can schedule a time for you and your child to visit a lesson.

Lesson Duration: Pre-Twinkle (Suzuki beginners): Book 3, 30 minutes, Books 4-8, 45 minutes, Books 9-10 or graduation from Book 10, 60 minutes

Suggested Reading: Ability Development from Age Zero by Shinichi Suzuki and Nurtured By Love by Shinichi Suzuki Suzuki Association of the Americas.

Congratulations to Ms. Jennifer Louie, a selected teacher to lead students on the Greater Nashville Suzuki Strings Play-Down recital at Vanderbilt Blair School of Music, October 14, 2018. Ms. Louie received grant funding from the ESA Foundation to further her Suzuki Violin Teacher training (July, 2019) at the American Suzuki Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Having completed the training, Jennifer will be the only violin teacher in the state of Alabama to complete all 10 Violin Units offered by the Suzuki Association of the American Teacher Development program.

Ms. Yang Zhao has over 25+ years teaching the Suzuki Violin method. Her students are past and present members of the Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra, and have placed into a number of summer camps and college orchestras.

Suzuki Piano

The Suzuki Piano program is also based on the Suzuki Method (see above for description). Mr. Benedict Rosairo recently (June, 2019) completed the Every Child Can training and certification for Suzuki Book One and will offer a 13 week session Fall, 2019. The first two lessons of the first semester of study are for the parent only to attend and covers an introduction to the piano, introduction to the Suzuki approach, home listening, practice, parent role in the lessons, and studio policies.

As parent involvement is central to the Suzuki method, these first two lessons are vital to the success of the child. Parents are expected to participate in each lesson. Although 45 minute and 60 minute lessons are available, all first semester Suzuki students should enroll for a 30-minute duration lesson. The private lesson/group lesson structure and schedule for the semester will be communicated by the instructor in advance of the parent’s enrollment of the student. Contact information for Mr. Rosairo may be obtained from the CMS office.

The Community Music program is a group member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.